Adim Farah 20 English Subtitles

Turkserial4uNovember 11, 2023

Last Episode Recap

Determined to rescue Farah from the place where she lives with her son, Tahir needs the help of a surprise name to get the video Behnam keeps in the safe.
Farah has no intention of remaining unresponsive to Behnam, who turns Karimshah against Tahir.

The arrival of the great uncle Mahmoud Azadi from Iran changes the whole balance. Not only Farah but also the Azadi family is affected, and Behnam wants to prove to Uncle Mahmoud that he is in charge.

Mehmet returns to his duty and sets out to find his brother, but a nasty surprise awaits him at the police station.

Tahir, who is close to retrieving the footage from the safe, encounters an unexpected situation, while Farah is cornered by Behnam’s wedding surprise. But Farah and Tahir, fueled by each other’s love, have no intention of letting Behnam win this time.

Adim Farah 20 Summary

Farah, who is about to have an imam marriage with Behnam, somehow tries to prevent it from taking place. Behnam tells Farah that he has sent Tahir to one of his secret cells near the Turkish-Iranian border. Farah tries to find a way to save Tahir, unaware that she is in great danger.

When Tahir manages to escape from the Iranian cell and returns to Istanbul with a big trump card, Behnam is in unexpected trouble. Tahir gets a clue that Farah’s mother is also being held there.

Mehmet enlists Tahir’s help to access his brother’s file and Tahir enlists Mehmet’s help to confirm that Farah’s mother is alive.

Merjan unwittingly helps Farah discover a truth about Behnam.

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