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Alie (The Family): 2x2

Aile Episode 15 English Subtitles

Aile Episode 15 Summary

As planned by Aslan, the Soykan family’s situation takes an unexpected turn when Devin’s actions spiral out of control. Facing unforeseen danger, the family tries to regain control. Aslan attempts to locate Tolga, crucial for their investigation, while Hülya sets a trap for Devin, blaming him for their troubles. Devin is left with two grim options: death or imprisonment. Cihan and Serap join forces to find Tolga, seen as their salvation. When both sides ensnare Tolga, their plans are thrown into chaos.

As Devin falls into Hülya’s trap, Aslan rescues him in the nick of time, taking him to a mountain house. Despite objections, they spend a night there, making a life-changing decision about their relationship.

Leyla stands up to Hülya for her children and decides to return home with them, marking a significant turning point. After a surprising twist, Leyla asks Devin for a favor. Aslan, on behalf of the Soykan family, organizes a press conference to expose their situation. A surprise guest at the event alters the course of events for Aslan and the Soykan family.

Last Episode Recap

In Episode 14, Following the Soykan family’s breakup, Aslan endeavors to mend their shattered ties by purchasing a marina for a fresh start. Meanwhile, Devin, determined to end her marriage with Aslan due to the toll it has taken on her, hires a divorce lawyer. During the marina’s opening, a leaked video resurfaces, reopening old wounds and leaving everyone questioning, “Who leaked the video?”

Devin seeks solace in a distant seaside town, attempting to escape everyone except Aslan, who continues to pursue her. Aslan urges Devin to reconcile and heal, but she struggles to forget the sacrifices she made for their love.

While Hülya faces challenges during her association’s donation night, Cihan, discovering he’s been living a lie for years, vehemently opposes the Soykans. He is determined to make the family pay for what was taken from him. Devin also learns a harsh truth about herself, intensifying her rift with Aslan. She finds herself at a crossroads, torn between staying or leaving.

Upon receiving significant news concerning the Soykans, Aslan takes decisive action to keep his family together, a choice that will profoundly alter everyone’s lives.

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