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Someone Else: 1x3

Bambaska Biri Episode 3 English Subtitles

Get ready for the thrill of Bambaska Biri Episode 3 coming to your screens this Monday, September 25th, on FOX TV. Bambaska Biri, a Turkish drama, has been making waves in the headlines, emerging as Turkey’s current top-rated series. the eagerly awaited Episode 3 is just around the corner.

In this post, we provide information about the release date of Bambaska Biri Episode 3, along with guidance on how to watch it with English subtitles. Additionally, we offer a recap of the last episode to enhance your understanding of Episode 3.

Last Episode Recap

In Episode 2, Leyla realizes she can’t pursue the investigation without involving Kenan. Her brother Tahir, recently released from prison, quickly dives into the troublesome business. Leyla confronts Ekrem, seeking the truth. Even her father, whom she’s always trusted, deceives her.

Doğan, eager to publicize his ideals, starts threatening Kenan through press messages. Hamdi Atılbay isn’t the last victim. Leyla, the prosecutor, unexpectedly becomes a hurdle for İdris and Doğan. Doğan’s new murder reveals hints of his childhood trauma. Kenan, unaware of his split personality, struggles to explain his memory gaps.

As Leyla’s circle of trust shrinks, victims multiply. Turan, wanting to save his son, transforms into a lawyer protecting a killer. Will Kenan yield to Doğan’s demands and become the voice of a murderer? Could the enemy within Kenan pose a threat to Leyla?


Bambaska Biri Episode 3 English Subtitles

Leyla is taken aback when she discovers how far Doğan, whom she had mistaken for Kenan, has gone. As Kenan awakens, he grapples with the realization of his actions and attempts to make amends. However, soothing Leyla’s anger proves to be a challenging task. Kenan’s increasing memory lapses cast doubts on his own sanity, a concern shared by others.

After failing to eliminate his last target, Doğan takes risky measures to silence İrfan. Leyla and Commissioner Refik, their faith in Kenan wavering, engage in a perilous game to confirm the killer’s link to him, ultimately setting a trap for Doğan.

Suspicion of Ekrem, a prolific liar, extends beyond Leyla, catching Tahir’s attention as well. His secretive behavior is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond Doğan and Idris, there are new players attempting to reach İrfan, creating additional hurdles for Doğan.

Will Doğan manage to complete his mission, or will someone from Leyla’s own family disrupt the investigation?

Sep. 25, 2023

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