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Someone Else: 1x8

Bambaska Biri Episode 8 English Subtitles

Get ready for the most anticipated Fox TV Series Bambaska Biri Episode 8 is Coming to Screens This Monday 30th October 2023. In this blog post, we will discuss the Previous Episode recap and we will also give the last Episode Ratings.

Previous Episode Ratings

Bambaska Biri English Subtitles Episode 8

At last, there’s some good news for the Bambaska Biri series! We all know how the show has been struggling with ratings. Despite that, the brilliant performances of the main stars, Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel, have always shone through. It’s been tough, but in Episode 7, things started looking up with a noticeable increase in ratings. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that this positive trend continues into Episode 8 and beyond. Here’s to more success for the cast and crew!

Last Episode Recap

In the Episode 7, Leyla distances herself from the truth once more. However, a clue found after the incident sets a new direction for the investigation.

Nevin, who mistakenly reveals the truth to someone, starts considering accepting Doğan as her son, even though her husband Turan strongly opposes it and has a heated confrontation with Idris.

Feeling exhausted from living in constant fear, Ekrem decides to take matters into his own hands. Doğan, who used to be the hunter, becomes the prey this time. The lies told by Şahinde and Ekrem to cover the truth lead Tahir down a dark path.

Nuray’s jealousy creates chaos and uncovers Tahir’s feelings for Yasemin. In Yasemin’s most challenging moment, Murat is the one who rushes to support her. Meanwhile, Leyla is making significant changes to keep her distance from Kenan, while Kenan sacrifices a crucial part of his life to stay close to her.

Bambaska Biri Episode 8 Summary

For the first time, Leyla stops resisting her love for Kenan. The two think they will enjoy their love. Until their destiny takes a dark turn…

While Idris struggles to survive, Nevin learns about Doğan’s suffering. Unable to reach Idris, Doğan confronts his family with his true self for the first time in years. This time, it is Turan’s turn to face Doğan. The fact that Kenan and Leyla start to fall in love scares Turan as much as Doğan.

Tahir’s new job leads him down an unexpected path. The clue that Ekrem traces leads him to a great discovery.

A new face that manages to escape its terrible fate adds a new dimension to the investigation. As the inside story of the orphanage fire begins to emerge rapidly, it is Doğan who takes the investigation a big step forward. This new case will shake both Kenan and Leyla, as well as the whole of Turkey, and will profoundly affect the course of everything.

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