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Dilek Taşı: 1x3

Dilek Tasi Episode 3 English Subtitles

Dilek Tasi Episode 3 Summary

Mustafa and Cemre finally reunite, sharing a tight embrace that lasts a long while. Figen, with misty eyes, observes this heartfelt father-daughter moment. Just as this unfolds, voices approach – it’s Kenan and Sevda. Figen must find a way to conceal Mustafa, who’s struggling to move due to his injury. In a tense moment, they narrowly evade being discovered, seeking refuge in an aging outbuilding.

Through the night, Figen tends to Mustafa’s wounds and does her best to mend him. Meanwhile, the Ronas, believing Mustafa to be dead, sigh with relief, thinking their path is clear. They expedite their plans concerning Cemre. Mustafa, eager to recover and depart with his daughter, faces a tough decision. Figen, deeply attached to Cemre, tries persuading Mustafa not to leave, but he’s determined to live without hiding.

The looming question: Can Mustafa successfully escape with Cemre before Macide and Rüçhan catch wind of their scheme?

Last Episode Recap

In the last episode, we witnessed the tumultuous events of September 12, 1980, as the coup unfolded, plunging the nation into martial law. Mustafa’s grim fate drew closer with each passing moment, while the heartbreak of Cemre, learning of her father’s apparent death, brought tears to our eyes. Young Sinan, part of the Rona family, couldn’t hide his distress over Cemre’s dire situation.

Inside the prison, a massive riot erupted, and the authorities responded with brutal force. The rioters faced deportation to Diyarbakır for their impending executions. During the chaotic transfer, a brawl ensued, leading to a major vehicular accident. In the midst of the turmoil, Mustafa and several other prisoners miraculously escaped, sending shockwaves through the Rona mansion.

Sep. 21, 2023

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