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Dilek Taşı: 1x4

Dilek Tasi Episode 4 English Subtitles

Dilek Tasi Episode 4 Summary

Mustafa, determined to create a new life of freedom with his daughter Cemre, leaves the mansion despite Figen’s attempts to stop him. A night filled with dangers tests their resilience, leaving Figen anxious. At sunrise, she sets out to find them. However, her world shatters when she sees Kenan and Sevda together in the garden. Distraught, she leaves her engagement ring with Kenan and continues her search. Following Cemre’s hint about the Wishing Stone, Figen discovers both Mustafa and Cemre there. Figen learns about the perils they faced and pleads with Mustafa to return home before anyone notices. Mustafa agrees to keep Cemre safe temporarily. Unaware of the looming danger, they all return home, unaware of the grave threat approaching Cemre.

Last Episode Recap

In the Last Episode, Mustafa and Cemre are finally reunited, embracing tightly in a heartwarming moment. Figen, filled with emotion, watches them with teary eyes. Just as this touching reunion unfolds, Figen hears approaching voices – Kenan and Sevda are coming. Figen, quick on her feet, hides Mustafa, but it’s challenging because he’s injured. They manage to evade being caught by hiding in an old outbuilding. Throughout the night, Figen tends to Mustafa’s wounds, desperately trying to heal him. Meanwhile, the Ronas, thinking Mustafa is dead, breathe a sigh of relief, believing there are no more obstacles in their way. They hasten their plans regarding Cemre. Mustafa is determined to recover quickly and leave with his daughter. Figen finds it incredibly hard to part with Cemre and tries to convince Mustafa to stay hidden, but he is resolute about not living in secrecy. The question remains: can Mustafa escape with Cemre before Macide and Rüçhan catch onto their plan?

Sep. 28, 2023

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