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Family Secrets: 1x16

Last Wish

Ilgaz, torn between the woman he loves and his profession, made an unexpected decision and surprised everyone. What kind of attitude will Ceylin, who is unaware of the predicaments of Ilgaz, who believes in her more than anyone, even himself, take? Believing that all the evidence points to Ceylin for killing his son, Yekta Tilmen rallies the troops to go after her. He will not hesitate to make moves for the sake of achieving the justice he believes in, even if it is at the expense of bringing everyone against him. Ceylin, who has to stay together with many injured women, struggles to remember the murder. She vacillates between being indifferent to the story of these women. Moreover, she’s unaware of the swords drawn and the newly formed fronts in the world outside…

Family Secrets: 1×16
Jan. 16, 2022

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