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Family Secrets: 1x21

Without Rules

Niyazi’s death creates a shock effect for Ilgaz, who wanders around his borders in order to acquit Ceylin. Both Ilgaz and Ceylin were caught in the middle of a big case both legally and in terms of conscience. Yekta realizes that the defenses of Ilgaz and Ceylin are weakening after Niyazi, who, as it turned out, ended his life. Now it is his turn to gather information and reinforce it with evidence in order to be more committed to his cause. However, they do not yet know that an unexpected move that will shock everyone will come from their side. A difficult preparation process awaits Ilgaz, who puts forth all his might to win the case. On the one hand, he has to stay within the legal rules while trying to restrain Ceylin, who is on his own, after the clues to defeat Yekta. However, at the end of this road, both of them will be faced with new information they did not expect and come to the brink of a difficult decision.

Family Secrets: 1×21
Feb. 20, 2022

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