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Family Secrets: 1x33

I Have Hope

Ilgaz and Ceylin, whose love for each other wasn’t enough for them to be side by side, are now very shaken by their divorce. Moreover, while waiting for the solution of the Yeşim issue, which awaits them, collapsed in the middle of their lives and has not yet been fully clarified… Yekta Tilmen, who has always been the smiling side, has started to open some gaps, albeit small, on the front. On the one hand, while Serdar’s dismissal as a suspect with the indictment prepared by Pars is beneficial for him, on the other hand, will he be able to disrupt the unexpected plan prepared against him before it even starts? Ilgaz, who is trying to cope with the pain of separation in his own way, has to deal with the murder of Zafer, which he is close to a solution, on the other hand. In this case, will Ilgaz and Ceylin, whose paths reunite by fate, be able to balance both separating their ways and acting together?

Family Secrets: 1×33
May. 22, 2022

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