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Family Secrets: 1x6


It is now known that the person who killed her brother is Engin, and Ceylin is in indescribable pain. The anger rising in her is unbearable, and Ceylin is determined to kill Engin. Although Ilgaz is right in his intuitions, he cannot stand Ceylin’s collapse and makes a decision. He finds his own way, albeit harshly, to calm Ceylin down so that they can prove that Engin is the killer. Pars is determined to put aside even his feelings for Ceylin and accuse her of collecting evidence irregularly and ban her from the profession. Ceylin comes face to face with Ilgaz. While Yekta struggles to clear his son’s name, Zafer is devastated by the release of Çınar and comes to the brink of a new turn. His decision will change the fate of the two families forever. While Ceylin and Ilgaz are chasing the evidence that will convict Engin, they also look for ways to get out of the difficult situation that Pars has put them in. Will Ilgaz give up on his own rules and lie for Ceylin?

Family Secrets: 1×6
Oct. 24, 2021

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