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Family Secrets: 2x2

Difficult Decision

Before Ilgaz could get over the shock of the anonymous note he found, he’ll have to face with Ceylin. Since he doesn’t want Ceylin involved in this case, he needs to make a very difficult decision that will affect his relationship and the course of the investigation. The team, which has grown closer as a result of their efforts to find Neva’s killer, are now facing Pars as they’ve never seen him before – full of rage and ambition. The balance in their team, that they considered unshakable, is now being tested including the newly formed relationship between Derya and Pars. Yekta, starts hearing warning bells. He is firing its last bullets to reinvent itself… But he goes so far beyond the limits that he once again comes up against Ceylin. Everyone, but most of all Ilgaz and Ceylin, as well as Pars, are making an effort to uncover the truth, that is – the murderer… However, they can’t even imagine the unexpected questions and possibillities that this murder will lead them towards…

Family Secrets: 2×2
Sep. 25, 2022

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