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Gül Masalı: 1x4

Gul Masali Episode 4 English subtitles

Gul Masali Episode 4 English subtitles, The fourth episode of Gül Masalı has been released, and in the end episode, Tahir is happy to set off with his daughter for Istanbul before Gonca finds out about her real father. Toprak’s determined attitude catches up with them and turns Gonca away from the road. What happens in episode 4 on July 17th?

The third episode of the series “Gül Masalı” stars Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca and has earned full marks from the audience. The 2nd trailer was released for the 3rd episode of the series, which is called “Every door that opens with love if you know how to knock.”

The new ATV Gül Masalı episode trailer has been released. The new series is about betrayal, with the most dramatic storyline being about a daughter on her mother’s side who leaves for a cousin and his wife, and as a result, a husband is left to admit his feelings for her herself. This summary was written by the author of this article for the article that was published before it, the 4th episode trailer, and the synopsis of Gül Masalı .

Last Episode Recap

A young woman, Gonca, is on a search for her grandfather, who she learns from her mother inherited the house. Gonca attaches her hopes of getting ownership to being closer to Toprak. But later in the story when she sees he is with another woman, Gonca starts thinking things differently and understands what was happening. The change then causes Tahir, who always intended to take his young daughter and leave for Istanbul with no explanation afterward, to show up again just in time for a big fight.

Atabeys offers Gonca the possibility of turning her childhood home into a factory, but Gonca doubts the accuracy of her memories and the meaning behind her family’s past. Gonca’s presence affects Halil and Canan who think that they have escaped the secrets except for Canan has a shocking discovery when she returns to Smiler’s Mansion that night.

Episode 4 Summary

When their families clash, the couples’ fairy tale romance is shattered. Toprak and Gonca try to keep the fairy tale love that has sprouted between them, while coming together to try and understand what the problem is between their families.

The photo brought by Halil was enough to reveal what even Gonca wasn’t able to. This secret causes both her and Toprak to scrutinize the past more carefully. Gonca learns from Fatma what she did not know about her mother, and understands her suffering better as a result. Despite this, Toprak has no hesitance in pursuing the truth at the expense of his family’s comfort, especially given their nefarious plans against his prize – beloved daughter. In response, Atabey’s decide to take a more insidious approach to their plans against her. When Gonca decides it’s time for a new beginning from the past, she finds herself in an overwhelming dilemma when she moves on from one life path to another.

One of the most successful Turkish novelists is Gülper Özdemir, while Erdem Kaynarca and Sarp Can Köroğlu are among the other well-known names coming on to the series. “Gül Masalı” tells a story following Gonca who learns more about her family’s past after her mother passes away. The son of another prominent family in Isparta shows up – Toprak.

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