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Gül Masalı: 1x5

Gul Masali Episode 5 with English subtitles

Gul Masali Episode 5 with English subtitles, The trailer for the 5th episode of Gul Masali’s “The Tale of Rose” has been released. The final episode features Toprak and Gonca trying to preserve the fairy-tale relationship that grew between them. On the other, they attempt to figure out what is wrong between their families. What happens in the episode of July 24th?

Tahir isn’t Gonca’s father! The audience loved the trailer for Gul Masali’s fifth episode. Gul Masali, which made a mark on Sundays by its warm story, will be discussed a lot this week as it airs its 5th episode. We have the latest news on Gul Masali’s 5th episode. The trailer and summary can be found in this post.

Already, the 5th episode of Gul Masali series’ trailer has been praised by many. The 5th episode of Gul Masali features some surprising developments. It includes various stories and colorful characters. Gul Masali’s 5th episode will keep the audience riveted. The series has made a name itself for its explosive promotions and cast.

Last Episode Recap

Great breaks are caused by the confrontation at the mansion. Toprak and Gonca try to preserve the fairy-tale relationship that grew between them. On the other hand, they try to figure out what is wrong between their families.

Halil brought Halil’s photograph to reveal another secret about Gonca. Toprak and Gonca are forced to examine the past more because of this emerging secret. Gonca learns more about Fatma and comes to understand her mother’s sufferings better. Toprak seeks out the truth, even if it means losing his family. Atabeys start to plot against Gonca, despite their fears about the past. Gonca is forced to confront her fears and build a new life from the past of her mother when Atabeys moves in.

Gul Masali Episode 5 English Subtitles Summary

Toprak saves Fatma and Gonca, who are caught in a dilemma by the Atabeys’ complaints. Toprak turns Halil’s insidious plan on its head with his determined demeanor and surprising eyewitness.

Toprak helps Gonca to decide to fight for Isparta. She will create a great movement to illuminate the paths of many people in her country and on her lands against those whose souls are darkened by the expulsion of her mother years ago.

Toprak’s determination to stand for the right has brought him down against his family. Atabeyler is in a crisis when the problems at work add to these. Toprak and Gonca set out on a quest to escape everything. But, Toprak and Gonca will be engulfed by a terrifying accident. Arda is in trouble… what will Ece say about Gonca?

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