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İyilik: 1x12

İyilik Episode 12 with English subtitles

Watch İyilik Episode 12 with English subtitles, The 12th episode of iyilik (The Goodness) is now available. Watch the 12th episode of iyilik. In the last episode, Neslihan acquired Murat’s trust while also defeating Damla from an unexpected source. What happened in the latest episode, which aired on Friday, September 30th?

The new episode trailer for iyilik, one of FOX’s top TV shows, has been revealed. iyilik in the 11th episode trailer; Murat learns everything there is to know about Damla. But he decides to catch Damla off guard as he continues his game. In the face of this, Neslihan is unable to manage her nerves. But something obviously occurred to Damla. Neslihan was the first person apprehended.

When Neslihan learns that Murat is selling his most valuable firm, he promptly informs Necati of the fact, and the two cooperate. Damla, on the other hand, takes advantage of the situation and tells Murat everything. Damla will be surprised after believing Neslihan had shown her true self to Murat. Yilik’s 12th episode trailer and episode synopsis are available below.

Last Episode Recap

Murat feels thankful to Neslihan for shielding him from his mother’s scheme. By portraying the role of the woman who defends her husband, Neslihan acquired Murat’s trust while also defeating Damla from an unexpected source. Neslihan discards her final card, offering Murat to Damla in return for paperwork that will save his mother. Damla, who is fed up with Murat, accepts Neslihan’s offer. Will Murat be able to overcome all of this?

Episode 12 Summary

The wedding anniversary of Neslihan and Murat has arrived. Damla will attend to Murat and Neslihan’s invitation and stop them, regardless of what happens tonight. Damla attends a party and gets stabbed there. Murat, Neslihan, ahika, Sinan, and Koray. Everyone is wary of one another.

The blade bears the fingerprints of two persons. Meanwhile, the appearance of a hidden witness who testified against Neslihan has increased suspicions about him. After a while, authorities acquired a video showing Neslihan attempting to drown Damla in the pool. While every piece of evidence points to Neslihan as the perpetrator of Damla’s murder, will Neslihan be able to establish her innocence? Of sure, if she truly is innocent.

Jul. 15, 2022

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