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Kirli Sepeti: 1x4

Kirli Sepeti Episode 4 English Subtitles

FOX TV latest show, Kirli Sepeti, has really grabbed people’s interest with its newest episode. Fans are eagerly anticipating the Kirli Sepeti episode 4. Good news: the trailer for Kirli Sepeti episode 4 is out now! Wondering where you can watch it? Stay tuned to our news to find out where and catch a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the next episode.

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kirli Sepeti Episode 4

Last Episode Recap

In Episode 3, When İlkgül keeps her brother’s illness a secret from Songül, it creates a rift between them. Songül, torn between her sick child and her resentful daughter, begins to doubt her own abilities as a mother.

In Songül’s absence, Hayriye, who looks after Canan, manipulates the situation, worsening the conflict between the siblings, and leading to dangerous outcomes. Meanwhile, Medine, thinking her job is secure, discovers Aylin’s plot to get her fired.

İlkgül, caught in the middle of the family turmoil, struggles to protect her brother while deciding whether to reveal the truth to her mother and Kahraman about Meryem and İlkkan.

Kirli Sepeti Episode 4 Summary

Misunderstandings arise when Canan, suspecting something between Ahmet and İlkgül, rushes to Songül in panic.

İlkgül helps Medina find a job, but it’s in the house where the deceased Meryem worked, a place Medina fears. Despite her reservations, she is forced to accept the job and faces a shocking surprise.

Hayriye, caught in the middle of complex relationships, forms new alliances without realizing the gravity of her actions.

İlkgül and İlkkan, having learned the consequences of lying to their mother, brace themselves for a new challenge. However, Songül faces an even greater test. A mother’s feeling of failure is overwhelming, especially when it involves her son İlkkan being put behind bars.

Oct. 08, 2023

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