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Sandık Kokusu: 1x7

Sandik Kokusu Episode 7 English Subtitles

Last Episode Recap

When Tılsım chooses to stay with her father, Karsu faces the difficult decision of parting ways with him. An unexpected absence of Tılsım when dropping off Deniz at school leaves Karsu frustrated, leading them to involve their lawyers. Reha, anticipating a potential divorce, devises a custody plan and attempts to win the children over by taking them to the aquarium. However, managing all three kids proves to be more challenging than he expected.

Feeling overwhelmed by constantly caring for Selin, Filiz decides to explore kindergarten options for her. Financial constraints lead Karsu to take up cleaning jobs in exchange for reduced kindergarten fees, a fact she keeps from Filiz. Learning about the high salary of the site manager, Filiz decides to pursue the role to cope with her growing expenses, employing some strategic maneuvers to garner votes.

Amidst the ongoing friendship between Atilla and Karsu, Atilla visits his father in prison, who guides him towards a business opportunity. During this venture, Atilla encounters Lale, an official at the company he visits.

Simultaneously, Filiz trades her last gold bracelet for botox. At the entrance of the aesthetician’s place, she unexpectedly encounters her elder daughter, Irmak. This meeting triggers a flood of memories as Filiz reflects on her past experiences like scenes from a movie.

Sandik Kokusu Episode 7 Summary

Irmak and Filiz run into each other after years apart. Overwhelmed by memories she’d rather forget, Filiz quickly leaves the scene, grappling with her emotions. Meanwhile, Reha hatches a plan to stop Karsu from working. Will he succeed, and how will Atilla respond to Reha’s actions?

Tılsım, who initially chose to stay with her father, contemplates reversing her decision. On the Filiz front, there’s excitement in the race for the site manager position. Filiz also plans a gathering to unite the entire community. Reha, returning to Adana after learning his factory burned down, adds mystery with a strange lighter found at the scene.

The upcoming meeting between Karsu and Filiz with Irmak, after years apart, forces them to confront their past. How will this reunion shape their future, and what new experiences await them?

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