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The Beauty Inside: 1x14

Senden Daha Guzel Episode 14 English subtitles

Watch Senden Daha Guzel Episode 14 English subtitles, Senden Daha guzel is popular Turkish Tv Series. Which is so Popular Around the world, especially in the USA and Europe countries. Senden Daha Guzel Episode 14 is a Turkish romantic comedy-drama starring Cemre Baysel and Burak elik, and it will be published on September 17, 2022. Deniz Koloş directed the series, which was scripted by Ayşe Üner Kutlu.

Senden Daha Guzel Story

Efsun, a dermatologist, lives happily on the farm with her father in a Gaziantep hamlet. His mother abandoned him and his father when he was young, moving to Istanbul and becoming one of Turkey’s most famous plastic surgeons. Efsun receives unexpected news from her mother, whom she has not seen since she was twelve years old. Her mother is dying and wants to visit her one final time. He sends his driver to invite Efsun to Istanbul.

Efsun is surprised when she travels to Istanbul to meet her mother. His mother, the owner of Istanbul’s greatest cosmetic clinic, requests and pushes Efsun to work in the clinic. As if that weren’t enough, Emir, whom he misidentifies as a driver, is really the son of his mother’s business partner, Kaya Bey. Emir, a gorgeous and attractive surgeon, believes Efsun has arrived to take over the clinic and begins a battle with him. They are also neighbors in the lodging of two fledgling enterprises.

Last Episode Recap

When Efsun goes into a coma after being shot by Filiz, Emir blames himself. The clinic, on the other hand, will encounter difficulties for an unanticipated cause. Emir’s terror following Efsun’s shooting drives him to a life of nature he never planned. The threat of Filiz remains, and the fact that Filiz cannot be apprehended puts everyone on edge. What Emir says while Efsun is in a coma will force Efsun to take actions that will transform his life and mark the start of an expedition to find Emir.

Senden Daha Guzel Episode 14 English Short summary

Emir and Efsun hope to begin their new life together on the farm near Gaziantep. Filiz, though, remains a threat to them and the squad. When Emir and Efsun arrive at Antep after overcoming all hurdles, they are greeted with a surprise. What occurs in Antep will have far-reaching consequences for everyone.

Senden Daha Guzel Episode 14 English subtitles
Sep. 17, 2022

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