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Yabani: 1x11

Yabani Episode 11 English Subtitles

Get ready for the most awaited Fox TV series Yabani Episode 11 is coming to your TV screens this Saturday 21st November 2023. So what will happen in Yabani Episode 11 and Where to Watch or what Release date we will also give Previous Episode Recap Ratings.

Last Episode Ratings

Yabani Episode 11

Last Episode Recap

In Episode 10, Yaman is shattered by the information he receives from his father. Alaz also loves Rüya. Yaman has to give up his love for Rüya if he wants this enmity to end. While Rüya holds Yaman’s hands, unaware of what is going on, Alaz pursues Asi with his love pain. The night of the two young people ends when Yaman confronts them. Çağla tells Rüzgar that she is pregnant. This is a unique opportunity for Rüzgar. He will marry Çağla and take revenge on the Soysalan family.

Neslihan learns that her father has come between her and Güven. It is Eşref who changed the fate of this great love.  When Neslihan returns to the hospital with this truth, more bad news awaits her. Ece’s condition has worsened, and there is no other option but transplantation for her daughter to live. Eşref is devastated by the autopsy result. The result is not what he expected. But Feride is sure that Şebnem is involved, and this suspicion sets her on a new path.
Şebnem escapes and is stopped by the police at the last moment. While she thinks that she has been caught and that the end of the road has come, a surprise awaits her.

Rüya cannot understand why Yaman is cold and distant to her. While she attributes this to Ece’s illness, she realizes that this is not the case.  Çağla runs away from home to meet Rüzgar. Realizing this, Rüya chases after Çağla. At the last moment, she informs Yaman. Angered by this, Çağla says that she is pregnant in front of the whole family. No matter what they do, she will marry Rüzgar and give birth to this child. This truth shakes the family.

Güven will perform Umut’s surgery and leave as promised. He enters the surgery unaware of Serhan’s plan.  While Yaman is in front of the operating room, he is shaken by a message from Rüzgar. Çağla ran away from home in her mother’s wedding dress and met with Rüzgar. But things did not go as she thought.

Yaban Episode 11 Summary

Yaman and Alaz urgently take Çağla to the hospital. Neslihan and Serhan are devastated seeing their daughters in pain. Güven intervenes at the last minute, thwarting Serhan’s plan and saving Umut. Now, his new mission is to support the family shattered by Çağla’s suffering.

Eşref raids Rüzgar’s family’s house, prompting Serhan to inform the police. The search for Rüzgar intensifies, and his escape plan is foiled as the police chase him. With no help from his family, Rüzgar has nowhere left to turn.

Rüya, while burying her own pain of separation, supports Yaman, while Asi does the same for Alaz. However, it’s challenging to control the anger of the two young men. Yaman and Alaz mobilize their friends to find Rüzgar, each taking different approaches. It falls on their father to intervene and stop the two boys. Rüzgar eludes Yaman and Alaz, thinking he can find refuge and regain his freedom. However, a decision he makes lands him in an even bigger problem.

Neslihan takes Çağla out of the hospital to the farmhouse, where the entire family gathers to support her recovery. While Çağla receives attention from her family, Cesur is preoccupied with her. He makes a small request from Rüya, who, thinking the family is at the farmhouse, visits Çağla. However, she is in for an unexpected surprise.

Yaman and Alaz discover a clue about Rüzgar, leading them into a dark and challenging story they must unravel.

Nov. 21, 2023

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