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Yabani: 1x4

Yabani Episode 4 English Subtitles

Get ready for the most beautiful and emotional series on Fox TV, Yabani. Episode 4 is coming to screens this Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023. The journey began with Yabani’s first episode, which was released on September 13th. Now, we have been eagerly awaiting Yabani Episode 4, especially after the last episode received high ratings. So, let’s find out all the information about Yabani Episode 4 in this post.

Yabani Last Episode Ratings

Yabani Episode 4 Rating

Last Episode Recap

In Episode 3, despite everything, Neslihan decided to do a DNA test using Yaman’s hair, which he had given her before surrendering to the police. Shockingly, Yaman was confirmed to be Ali, Neslihan’s son who had been missing for years due to a kidnapping. As Yaman is taken away from the media and brought home, everyone, both those left behind and those eagerly anticipating his return, is stunned.

Neslihan, Eşref, and Serhan struggle to make up for what they did to Yaman. Meanwhile, Alaz and Çağla refuse to accept him as their brother. The Cesurlar, feeling abandoned, creates problems.

Yaman finds himself caught between two worlds, unable to fully belong in either. With Rüya’s support, he manages to navigate this difficult situation. Just as he starts to believe he can reintegrate as “Yaman Ali” and that everything will be fine, Alaz and Çağla plan a nasty surprise for his birthday, shattering his hopes.

Upon leaving the house, never to return, Yaman discovers a bitter truth that changes the rules of the game completely.

Yabani Episode 4 Summary

Yabani Episode 4

In Yabani Episode 4, Yaman suddenly recalled his time in Rüya’s house cellar, where he had been held captive during his kidnapping days. Shockingly, it was Rüya’s uncle, İlker, who had orchestrated his abduction. What made it even more disturbing was that someone from the Soysalan family had been involved, at someone’s behest. Coming to terms with this harsh reality proved to be incredibly challenging for Yaman.

In this twisted game, Yaman discovered he was a pawn, manipulated by both the family of the girl he was falling for and his own kin. As he delved into a past riddled with secrets, he realized there was no turning back.

While Alaz and Çağla celebrated Yaman’s exit from their lives, Yaman took an unexpected step to uncover the thief of his childhood. His actions disrupted the fragile balance on both sides.

Unaware of Yaman’s mission, Cesur found himself in deep trouble, driven by the desire to prove they could survive without Yaman. Meanwhile, Alaz seized an opportunity that came his way, now controlling not just Cesur but also Yaman’s fate.

Yaman, in his pursuit of answers, was oblivious to Alaz’s traps. Who was behind the Soysalan name? Who had kidnapped İlker in his childhood? Could it be his mother, father, or even his grandfather? The truth was about to reveal itself, and Yaman was on the verge of a life-altering revelation, unbeknownst to the schemes woven by Alaz.

Oct. 03, 2023

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