Sakla Beni English Subtitles Episode 4

Turkserial4uNovember 23, 2023

Get ready for Star TV Most anticipated series Sakla Beni English Subtitles Episode 4 is coming to our screens this Thursday 23rd November 2023. So what will Happen in Sakla Beni Episode 4 and where to watch With English Subtitles we will also give the Last Episode Recap Ratings.

Last Episode Ratings

Sakla Beni English Subtitles Episode 4

Previous Episode Recap

In Episode 3, Incila, who is on the verge of being caught by Naz while she is with Mete, narrowly escapes an encounter that could ruin everything. While the problems and insecurities between their families create a new crisis for Naz and Mete, Naz, who thinks that she cannot get the support she needs from the man she loves, opens the door to a bigger crisis by breaking off the engagement.

While Mete becomes more and more attached to this mysterious girl who suddenly appears before him, İncila, who feels the same feelings as her, experiences the pain and despair of knowing the impossibility of this love, although she cannot yet explain the reason to Mete.

While the love between Mete and İncila, who share a special day and night while big storms are brewing in their lives, flares up even more, they are on the verge of being caught by family members who come together to solve the problems. Mete, who is preparing to explain a critical decision regarding their relationship to Naz, is faced with a hidden truth that will disrupt all his plans.

Sakla Beni English Subtitles Episode 4 Release Date

To determine the corresponding time around the world for the Turkish show “Sakla Beni,” which airs on Star every Thursday at 20:00, we can use time zone conversions. The time zone in Turkey is Turkey Time (TRT), which is UTC+3.

Let’s convert this to a few different time zones:

  1. Eastern Standard Time (EST):
    • Turkey Time (TRT): 20:00
    • EST: 13:00 (1:00 PM) on Thursday
  2. Pacific Standard Time (PST):
    • Turkey Time (TRT): 20:00
    • PST: 10:00 (10:00 AM) on Thursday
  3. Central European Time (CET):
    • Turkey Time (TRT): 20:00
    • CET: 19:00 (7:00 PM) on Thursday

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