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Turkserial4uJanuary 23, 2024

Get ready for Yabani Episode 19 I know we are all excited about this series because this is a very good and unique story but now come to that far and our wait is over because Episode 19 is releasing this Tuesday 23rd January 2024. In This Article, You will find out Episode 19 Summary, and Last Episode Recap and we will also give previous Episode Ratings.

Previous Episode Ratings

Last Episode Recap

In Episode 18, Yaman’s well-planned scheme makes all of Serhan’s previous victim scenarios lose their significance. Now, Serhan must carefully calculate his aggressive final moves to maintain control over Neslihan. As Şebnem and Metin discover that Alaz attempted to harm Yaman and Rüya, Serhan works to conceal this truth to protect his son, causing a shift in the balance. Şebnem starts to question her past decisions, and Rüya realizes the genuine connection between her parents.

In front of Neslihan, two options emerge: succumb to Serhan’s final blackmail or break free from the corner he’s pushed her into with Yaman’s assistance, taking control and fighting to keep her children from Serhan. Alas harbors regret toward Asi for the events that transpired. Their love, fueled by hatred, grows unnoticed by them. As Alaz, wounded by Asi, fights for life in Güven’s hands, Serhan’s anger, surrounded, focuses solely on Yaman and his father. This resentment deepens the enmity between Alaz and Yaman. One of them is now on the brink of losing everything. The question remains: who? Who is deserving, who is innocent, and who will emerge as the loser in this tumultuous conflict?

Yabani Episode 19 Summary

As Eşref’s murder shocks the Soysalan family, Yaman Ali is convinced that Serhan is the culprit. However, the blame falls on his father, Güven, instead of Serhan. Yaman relentlessly seeks the truth to exonerate his father.

Serhan returns to the Soysalan household, exploiting Neslihan’s emotional void caused by her father’s absence, which has distanced him from home, his children, and himself. The only way Serhan can stay in the house is by employing a strategy from his past. Yaman’s reaction to this realization will be unpredictable for Serhan.

While Alaz continues to support his father, Çağla takes a dark path. Cesur and Asi encounter Çağla’s broken state and put themselves in jeopardy to help her. However, they face resistance from Alaz. The fact that Asi and Alaz are on opposing sides in this incident intensifies the tension between them.

Yaman embarks on a journey with his guide, Rüya, to uncover crucial secrets. The gravity of the truth is so profound that it has the potential to shake the lives of everyone involved to the core.

Yabani Episode 19 Relase date

Here are the broadcast times for the specified Turkish time (20:00 on Tuesday, January 23rd) in additional countries:

  • Istanbul, Turkey (GMT+3): 20:00
  • Toronto, Canada (EST): 12:00 (noon)
  • Athens, Greece (EET): 19:00
  • London, United Kingdom (GMT): 17:00
  • New York, USA (EST): 12:00 (noon)
  • Los Angeles, USA (PST): 09:00 AM
  • Sydney, Australia (AEDT): 04:00 (next day)
  • Moscow, Russia (MSK): 20:00
  • Berlin, Germany (CET): 18:00
  • Paris, France (CET): 18:00
  • Delhi, India (IST): 22:30

How to watch With English Subtitles

if you understand Turkish this is good for you because You can watch Yabani Episode 19 Without Subtitles on the official YouTube Channel of Yabani. If you don’t know Turkish no Problem You can watch the Full Here in English After the official Release Stay Tuned.


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